Posted Tuesday February 28, 2017 by FACDO

Meet  A.J.  Ashcraft, an extremely talented and bright young man full of potential.  Prior to coming to FACDO, A.J. lived in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, where trouble seemed to find him.  A.J. was raised in a God-fearing home with family in ministry.  Actually that is how our paths crossed, a true date with destiny.  A.J. was an extremely addicted cocaine user with ties to gangs.  He was shot several times and survived to continue down this path of destruction.  This time though, he had no choice.  He was in trouble with the law and kicked out of his home.  His uncle and aunt, Marion and Kathy Boggs, decided to take him in.  Marion and Kathy are traveling evangelists and were scheduled to speak at our local conference in Ohio.  They decided to bring A.J. to Ohio and something powerful happened in the first service that would change the course of his life forever.

The service was supercharged with faith and expectancy.  After the message Marion gave an opportunity for all of the hurting to find healing through the power of Jesus, and before we could give the call, A.J. ran to the stage!  There were things that happened in that moment that reshaped his destiny.  Marion and Kathy prayerfully decided that FACDO’s program would be the best choice for A.J.’s recovery.  During the program, A.J. experienced intense training coupled with love and support that ultimately changed his life from that of a drug addict to a life of purpose and destiny.  A.J would then go back to his home in Atlanta and continue on the path of positive change in his life.  A.J. now serves as a full-time worship leader at a large church in the greater Atlanta area.