Who We Are


Freedom for Appalachia Community Development Organization (FACDO) is an educational based non-profit organization comprised of contemporary-minded, compassionately driven, uniquely qualified individuals whose aim is to collectively elevate and improve target communities and regions throughout Appalachia.


What We Do


FACDO currently offers weekly life coaching sessions and community development workshops as well as annual cultural immersion opportunities through nationwide travel experiences, along with addiction counseling and treatment through an in-resident program. Freedom for Appalachia Community Development Organization seeks to achieve unity, equality, and commonality with the rest of America for Appalachia and the people residing therein.

Vision Statement


Creating a thriving, vibrant, and abundant future for the people of Appalachia.




The Vision of F.A.C.D.O. is to see cultural, economic, educational, and social transformation through programs designed for youth, family, single parents, addiction recovery, and any disadvantaged peoples looking for and longing to make a change in their lives and future. Our goal is to establish “Centers of Community”. i.e. Facilities containing gathering/meeting facilities, both educational and transitional housing facilities, as well as facilities centered around youth activities, and community kitchens, pantries, and gardens.

Our vision is to offer aid to all in need, while maintaining a focus on the willing. This principle lies at the core of all that F.A.C.D.O. does as they say,  “you can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make them drink”. So our motto is, “lead all, focus on the thirsty.”

Our Mission Statement


The mission of the Freedom for Appalachia Community Development Organization is to combat poverty, addiction, abuse and the disadvantages which they create through social, educational, emotional, behavioral, and relational reform.  FACDO’s plan is to further establish “centers” offering community-wide educational, medicinal, and social opportunities for healthier living, better thinking, and wiser investing.


Our Mission is to:


Dispel poverty and its disadvantages through education

Inspire families and individuals to make better, more educated and holistic choices

Train and equip the people of Appalachia and the Mid-Ohio River Valley through collaborative arts and education

Teach, inspire and elevate the next generation

Offer housing, addiction counseling and treatment and career opportunities

Our Team

Jordan Bradford

Co-Founder And President

Co-Founder And President


Jordan Bradford first had the vision of creating a safe environment for kids of all backgrounds, races, and financial means. His vision birthed a dream and his dream then birthed a reality. Jordan and his brother saw a need and simply met that need. The simple act of “doing more” turned into a thriving community based outreach that helps kids on a daily basis. Jordan acts as the CEO and lead spokesperson of FACDO and it’s outreaches. Jordan resides in Pomeroy, OH.

Isaac Bradford

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Director

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Director


Isaac serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Director, but his talents, abilities, and insight reach far beyond those titles. He’s really been labeled “the go to guy” for creativity, compassion and fun. Isaac has a passion to reach out to disadvantaged peoples in every area and sector of life. In 2007 their dream became a reality when they opened up their first after school facility. There were over 200 kids the opening day. This downtown building was called the “INFERNO”, a youth based outreach program that launched complete with flat screens, computers, gaming systems and a full eatery. Isaac’s talents and heart for people have taken him literally around the world as he has become a  crucial spokesperson to the organization’s success. Isaac now resides in Nashville, TN.

Kelsey Sauters

Youth Operations Manager

Youth Operations Manager


Kelsey serves as the Youth Operations Manager for all youth programs and activities. Kelsey has a heart for mentoring kids and being instrumental in turning lives around while being a helping hand to the disadvantaged. Kelsey has a degree in business management and is the co-founder and operator of his family’s business in Pomeroy, OH.

Mindy Bradford

Chief Program Manager & Director of Administration

Chief Program Manager & Director of Administration


Mindy serves as the Chief Program Manager and Director of Administration for FACDO. She is also a well sought after business woman, with a background in real estate, and business management, having owned and operated many successful businesses. Mindy was born and raised Ohio, where she earned a degree in early childhood education and taught in various local school districts. Mindy has a heart for people and believes in the potential of each child. She resides in Pomeroy, OH.

Ray Brown

Manager Web Development and IT

Manager Web Development and IT


Ray Brown serves as the Manager of Web Development and IT. Ray is multi-talented with the ability to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. Known as the “Geek Freak”, he can program, run and make work seemingly any piece of equipment or technology. His gifts also extend into the arts through music and design. Ray attended Valor Christian College where he met Jordan and Isaac Bradford and became an integral part of this team. Ray interned at Bradford Ministries and FACDO for two years after college before returning to his hometown where he currently serves at his local church. Ray is the media and website administrator for FACDO. Ray now resides in Cincinnati, OH.